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      A big day for a new, huge pump solution


      The world’s most energy efficient pump of its kind is now ready for the customers, as we have kicked off the sale of a whole new generation of big CR pumps in Europe and the United States.


      2 July 2018 was a big day in many ways. It was the day, when Grundfos for the first time in more than fifteen years introduced a new CR program based on brand new technology and design. And on an entirely new scale, both physically and performance-wise.

      “This is a thorough improvement, which will position us in the forefront of the market for this type of pump again” says Morten Gylling. He is the Director of the Global Multi Stage Program and has been working with CR pumps for 25 years.


      While customers in Europe and the Unites States already have the possibility to buy the new pumps, potential buyers from the rest of the world will have to keep patient until the beginning of September. By then, however, they can also look forward to large scale savings in terms of both energy consumption and money.


      “The new pumps are far more energy efficient than the ones they replace and due to their considerable size and strong motors, customers will experience remarkable savings in terms of both energy consumption and money,” says Morten Gylling.


      New opportunities


      Looking ahead, customers have more advantages in prospect. Around New Year, CR pumps in yet unseen dimensions will be ready for them. The biggest will be able to double both pressure and flow compared to previous models.


      “This will pave the way for us, because, for the first time, we can meet the customers’ demands for large pumps that can be used among other things for reverse osmosis in water treatment plants, water works and even tall buildings,” says Morten Gylling.








      “這是一次革命性的創舉,它將使我們再次成為行業的引領者! 有著25年CR泵豐富工作經驗的格蘭富全球多級泵項目負責人 Morten Gylling 表示。




      “新一代產品將更加節能,并且得益于碩大的身材和強勁的電機,客戶將會體驗卓越的能耗和成本表現! Morten Gylling表示。






      “這將為我們鋪平前進道路,因為我們第一次可以滿足客戶對大型泵的需求,而這些泵可以用于污水處理廠反滲透系統,自來水廠甚至是高層建筑!盡orten Gylling表示。






      通過先進的仿真驅動設計和驗證流程,使得新一代CR泵的水力設計更加優化。 自動設計循環產生了數千個虛擬原型,以完善葉輪葉片,導向葉片,流路和通道,減少湍流和能量/壓力損失 - 使其具有世界級能效的水平。






      像新型CR泵這樣的先進產品需要最先進的生產線。 專用CR生產線旨在最大限度地提高質量,精度和速度,通過無毛刺激光切割,自動激光焊接和在線3D公差掃描,突破了性能極限。


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